Mission of the program

Digital Kazakhstan is a program designed to accelerate the development
pace of the Kazakh economy and improve the quality of our citizens life.

The projects of the program are directed to:
  • Development, implementation and development of digital technologies in key sectors of the country's economy.
  • Expanding the infocommunication infrastructure, which will provide Kazakhstan citizens with ubiquitous broadband Internet access and mobile communication 4G (in the future 5G).
  • Improving the quality and increase the number of public services provided online. This will reduce bureaucracy and corruption, as well as make government agencies more efficient and open.
  • Creating new opportunities and favorable conditions for entrepreneurs through active assistance in the development of e-commerce.
  • Increasing the overall digital literacy of the population, which will contribute to the development of the domestic IT sector, as well as improve the quality of education and healthcare in Kazakhstan.

"Digitalization is not an objective, but it is rather a means to achieve
Kazakhstan absolute advantage."

Nursultan Nazarbayev

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The path of success

Nowadays, our country ranks 33rd place in the world rating of the United Nations on the index of e-government development. It consists of indicators of the human capital development, telecommunications infrastructure and online services.
Every year we improve the process of providing public services for our citizens. Here are important stages in the development of the e-government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In 2006, for the first time in Kazakhstan, eGov.kz is introduced – the portal of “e-government”. The availability of public services in the online format was made possible by providing citizens with electronic digital signatures (EDS) on a free basis. EDS allows you to receive the necessary public services and certificates without leaving home.

Users of the eGov portal today are more than 6 million people. Through its infrastructure, it is possible to implement 760 electronic services and services.

e-Government purchases

Since 2010, government purchases are being launched through the portal Goszakup.gov.kz in real time. This ensures the transparency of the process and the effectiveness of using budgetary funds.

The system allows you to enter into electronic contracts, conduct procurement procedures, determine the supplier, publish information about contracts concluded and the results of their execution.


A single payment gateway for e-government is an integrated system between state government payment systems and banks. Kazakhstanis were given the opportunity to transfer funds to pay 120 types of taxes, state duties, fines, as well as utilities and mobile communications.

A full list of online payments for the eGov portal can be found .


Since 2012, Kazakhstanis can receive all kinds of licenses and permits on the portal Elicense.kz.

The top 5 most popular services of the portal include the following:

  • approval of land management projects;
  • notification of the commencement of activities as a PE;
  • issuance of a specialist certificate for admission to clinical practice;
  • issuing permission to purchase civilian weapons and cartridges to individuals;
  • attraction of foreign labor for the purpose of carrying out labor activity in the territory of the respective administrative-territorial unit.

In 2017, through the system, more than 24 thousand licenses and 725 thousand permits and notifications were issued.

A full list of e-License services is available here.

e-Business Registration

Since 2013, the state registration of legal entities takes place online in the eGov.kz portal. For example, in order to open a private limited company, a beginning entrepreneur does not need a charter, there is no need to pay registration fees or go to the tax authorities. Only a computer and an electronic digital signature are needed. Registration of the private company takes less than 30 minutes.

The services are automated for small and medium-sized businesses.

Register your company here.

e-Judicial office

A single window for access to electronic services of judicial bodies, Office.sud.kz is intended for filing electronic applications, petitions and complaints in civil and criminal cases. In addition, users of eGov can enter the “Trial Cabinet” without authorization.


Since 2015, the population has increased access to open medical databases. On the eGov portal, the services “Calling the doctor at home”, “Recording to the doctor” and “Attaching to the medical organization” are automated. And through the portal of the Bureau of Hospitalization, the patient receives information about free beds in any hospitals in the republic for the next three days. If the patient has already received a referral from the doctor with a code for hospitalization, he can view the current waiting lists for regional and republican clinics and track his order.

Open government

Further increase of transparency, accountability and efficiency of state bodies is connected with the development of the “Open Government” of Kazakhstan. It consists of five components:

Digital Kazakhstan

The logical step after a confident and systematic movement along the path of digital transformation was the adoption in late 2017 of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”. The program consists of five main areas, for which 17 initiatives and more than 120 events have been formed.

In the coming years, it will be possible to see such effects from their introduction as accelerating the pace of economic development and improving the quality of life of Kazakhstanis. The main results will be for the next decades, when the digital sector will be formed as a new branch of the economy.

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