About the Program

“Digital Kazakhstan” gives the possibility to enter
a completely new pathway of development
for economy, business and citizens.

Government program “Digital Kazakhstan” is a significant complex program, aiming on the elevation of living standards of each country’s resident, using digital techniques.

The major goals of the Program have accelerated economy growth of the Republic of Kazakhstan and have upgraded the living standards, as well as have created conditions for transition on a fundamentally new pathway – future digital economy.

Program implementation will be carried out
in the period of 2018-2022 in five key directions:

1. “Digitization of the economy branches – reorganization of the RK economy traditional branches using groundbreaking technologies and possibilities, which increase labour productivity and lead to the capitalization growth.

2. “Transition to the digital state” – state infrastructure transformation to provide services for population and business, anticipating their demands.

3. “Implementation of the digital Silk Way” – development of a high speed and security infrastructure of the transfer, storage and processing of data.

4. “Evolution of the human capital assets” – transformational changes, comprising creative society formation and transition to the new realities – knowledge-based economy.

5. “Innovative ecosystem formation” – creation of the conditions for technological entrepreneurship development with stable relations between business, academic domain and state, as well as introduction of innovations into industry.

All the measures and projects, realized within the framework of the “Digital Kazakhstan” program will facilitate the efficiency and transparency of the government control, ensure local employment, improve the quality of education and healthcare service, as well as perfect the investment climate, increase labour efficiency and the growth of small and medium business shares in the structure of GDP.

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