ecosystem formation

This ecosystem develops technology entrepreneurship
and innovations with the genuine links among business,
academic domain and state.

What will be changed by 2022

  • The emergence of a larger number of Kazakhstan technology companies and their real "success stories" in the international stage
  • Astana Hub will become an international park of IT start-ups
  • Developed market of private professional venture capital industry

Start-up culture

Technological entrepreneurs - talents who are the main source
of innovative ideas, as well as professional investors engaged
in "smart" financing of projects will be key elements
of the startup environment.

All of this will be realized through the following digital
and infrastructural solutions.

Innovative development platform

  • Astana Hub will become an international technology park for IT start-ups.
  • Support of at least 1000 startup companies by technoparks, incubators of Kazakhstan

Technology and start-up culture

Involvement of international entrepreneurs through the creation of favorable conditions:

  • start-up visa
  • living conditions
  • payment for relocation
  • financing
  • opening of international IT companies R&D centers

Venture financing

  • Adaptation of the legislative framework for financing start-up companies until 2019.
  • Attraction of $ 200 million of private investments into venture projects of Kazakhstan.

Innovation support

  • Innovation activities of large companies and government agencies support.
  • Selection of 298 innovative projects initiated by large companies for implementation in Astana Hub by 2022.

What measures will be taken to develop an innovative ecosystem


  • Development and adoption of a roadmap for the development of the IT industry.
  • Creation of an Astana Hub IT-startups’ international technopark.
  • Creation of a co-investment fund within the framework of Astana Hub.
  • Improvement of legislation on patenting IT solutions.
  • Approval of venture financing legislative acts.


  • Creation of the “Industry 4.0” Platform on the basis of Astana Hub.
  • Creating a BIM+ laboratory for construction industry digitalization.


  • Innovative interaction in the “Output 4.0” mining sector.
  • Creation and implementation of the e-Residence project.