of economic branches

Digital economy is the utility of the on-line
possibilities and innovative digital technologies
both for the large enterprises and for small
and medium businesses.

What will change by 2022

  • The level of labour productivity in economy will increase up to the level of TOP-30 world countries
  • Competitive export manufacturing in the priority sectors will emerge
  • Capitalization of Kazakhstan largest companies will take place, allowing them to enter principally new level
  • Volume of the local electronic trading will grow
  • The proportion of the grey economy will decrease to the level of TOP-30 world countries

Kazakhstan enterprises and industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution means the increasing automation
of industrial processes and mass introduction of these technologies

3D printing
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data

Digitization of industry

Wide application of the digital technologies in industry
gives the possibility to a far higher degree to increase
production process efficiency, to ensure labour security,
and to generate new sources of income at the cost of changes of the companies’ models.

Primary and processing industry, electric power industry form the basis of the real sector of Kazakhstan economy and require the following advanced digital solutions.

Digital mining plant

Digital mining plant by means of “smart” sensory devices is able to monitor volumes and production operation velocity, to trace the rational utility of the equipment and to unite all these data into the integral informational system. The system minimizes human factor and ensures on-line-monitoring over manufacturing.

“Digital mining plant” project has been realized at the enterprise JSC «НАК «Казатомпром» / “NAC “Kazatomprom”.


Digital discovery

Digital discovery combines several techniques of oil- and gas-sinking, as well as exploration and digital control in conjunction with standardize communication technologies.

The first project “Digital discovery” has been implemented in 2015 by JSC “ЭмбаМунайГаз / EmbaMunaiGas” at the Uaz discovery in the Atyrau region.


Model digital factory

A smart factory enables by means of technologies to automatize almost all industrial cycles beginning from the raw material processing to the goods delivery, and control all these in the integral digital system.

How will high-tech manufacturing appear and new workplaces
in Kazakhstan industrial sector be formed


  • Implementation of the “Smart discovery” project
  • Implementation of the “Digital discovery” project
  • Legislative changes in terms of the digital technologies application in order to increase occupational safety.
  • Creation of the legal conditions to develop Industrial Internet of Things.


Formation of the model digital factories


  • Formation of the oil recording informational system using monitoring devices of recording
  • Development of the “State integral control system of the RK Mineral Management” system with the functions of the on-line auction and the forecast of a liquefied oil gas balance


In terms of Industry 4.0 – implementation of digital technologies by large companies of the mining and metal sector (JSC «НАК/ NJSC «Казатомпром», JSC OC «КазМунайГаз», ERG, ТОО / LLP «Казцинк», ТОО/ LLP «Корпорация «Казахмыс»).

Digitization of transport and logistics

Digitization of this sector will increase the volume of the transit cargo traffic
and upgrade the quality of service for all participants of the process.
Qualitative transport and logistic infrastructure gives a powerful impulse
for economic development due to the territory cohesion raise and cost
reduction on goods delivery to the place of destination.

This will be ensured owing to the following digital solutions.

Smart traffic infrastructure

It will be implemented:

  • Weighting system during the movement.
  • Fee collection system at the highway areas.
  • Highway mobile laboratories.
  • Videomonitoring and detection of ПДД/ Highway code violations
  • Analysis and forecast of the traffic climatic conditions.
  • Incorporation of the Artificial Intellect at the highways.

Multimodal traffic

Automation of the cargo transportation by all kinds of transport will be introduced:

  • Carriages by road
  • Carriages by rail
  • Transportation by sea and river
  • Air carriages

Ways of introduction of systems for efficient control of the traffic
and monitoring of the state of all kinds of transport


  • Fee collection system on 6 sectors.
  • Creation of the multimodal transportation system.


  • System of decision taking support and analysis of big data
  • Artificial intellect on the highways


  • Formation and introduction of the smart traffic system (automatic cargo weighting, fee collection on the highway sections, etc.).
  • Implementation of highway assets control, using digital technologies

Evolution of electronic commerce, financial technologies and cashless payments.

The program intends to realize a broad complex of measures,
oriented on elimination of the existing barriers to develop Internet
commerce in the whole in the country, and the increase of the competitive
abilities of the local party. A package of measure is located in the realm
of e-commerce regulations, enlargement of the electronic payment acceptance,
elevation of a digital and financial literacy of the population and entrepreneurs,
e-commerce progress, as well as the development of infrastructure and logistics.

Particular significance will be paid to elaboration and realization of the complex
of measures on stimulating of the non-cash transactions.


Fulfillment-center gives the possibility for the internet shops to stock goods, to form and pack orders, to send them to the customers and to receive returns. Fulfillment-center network allows reduction of the speed and the cost of goods delivery to buyers.


E-commerce-center – is a communication venue for representatives of on-line and off-line business, a center of МСБ / SME support and competency increase in the electronic commerce, as well as the center of rendering complex services on goods delivery.

The first e -commerce-center was opened by JSC “«Казпочта»” at Astana. Here entrepreneurs can get advice regarding first steps on the on-line market.


Open API

Open API Technology permits programmers to use easily the ready blocks to build their own applications.

Open API is successfully applied on the Open data portal of eGov.

Remote identification

Model of the individual remote identification, using data bases of the state and commerce companies, including data based on various biometric indices. It gives the possibility to construct digital universal environment for intercommunication and communications among financial institutions, customers, state bodies and organizations.

How will be introduced digital; and infrastructure solutions in the sphere
of electronic commerce, financial technologies and non-cash payments


  • Improvement of legislation on electronic commerce.
  • Adaptation of the payment system, integrated with eGov infrastructure to promote mobile payments and mobile government.
  • Formation of Fulfillment and E-commerce centers


  • Adaptation of the remote identification of a person.
  • Development of measures to promote non-cash payments and to reduce cash flow cycles, as well as to provide interoperability of electronic money systems.


Adoption of regulations in regard to creation of the Open platforms (Open API) in financial branch.

Digitization of the agricultural sector

Digitization of the agriculture contributes to the production
quality increase, enhance its volumes, as well as to reduce human
participation in the manufacturing process.
Due to IT-technologies the state will be able to introduce systems
of pedigree records in the animal industry, to analyze phytosanitarian
and veterinarian risks, as well as to monitoring automatically the state of natural resources.

This will occur at the cost of the following digital solutions.

“Accurate arable farming”

Management system “Accurate arable farming” gives the possibility to farmers to monitor the rates of seeds, humidity, nutrient elements, pests, precipitation probability, etc.

Monitoring in the animal industry and crop production

The following will be implemented:

  • System on pedigree recording in the animal industry.
  • The system of control in the forestry management, protection, reproduction and utilization of fauna.
  • • The system “from the farm to the counter”.



Unified electronic trading facility for realization of the agricultural sector production.

The way of implementation of the digital and infrastructure solutions
in the field of informational support of agricultural sector


Adoption of “Accurate arable farming” elements in a number of farmer enterprises, including application of meteorological stations


Formation and implementation of the monitoring system of agricultural production


Introduction of electronic commerce in the agricultural sector.


Creation and realization of the project “National infrastructure of the spatial data”