of the human capital assets

Evolution of the new competence
and digital literacy of the population will become
possible due to the innovations in education.

What will be changed by 2022

  • The share of Internet users will grow to 82%
  • The level of digital literacy of the population will increase to 83%
  • The system of secondary, higher and additional education will meet the needs of the digital economy

Digitalization of education

To create a digital society it will be need to
update the education system in accordance
with the best world practices.

Emphasis will be placed on the development of creative
and critical thinking, as well as the use of modern
educational technologies in the learning process.

Secondary education

  • Introduction of programming basics in primary school classes.
  • Updating the content of the subject “Informatics” through updating the programming languages Java, C, Python, Rust, etc.
  • Introduction of the foundations of entrepreneurship and business (including technical entrepreneurship).
  • Conducting hakatons, olympiads and competitions in technical areas.
  • Digitalization of the educational process.

Higher education

  • Introduction of new specialties in higher educational institutions (data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.).
  • Increase in the number of state grants for ICT specialties.
  • Integration of ICT in the disciplines of all specialties for 80% of universities.
  • Development of distance education through the creation of a national platform for open education.
  • Opening of ICT departments of universities on the basis of productions.

Continuing education

Providing basic and professional digital skills training for:

  • 100 thousand professionals
  • SME representatives
  • population

Development of professional standards of economic sectors taking into account the requirements of ICT skills.

In addition to technical skills in digital economics
these universal competencies will be highly valued

Critical thinking
Interaction with people
Quick adaptation to changes
Working with large amounts of data

What measures will be taken to change
system of education and human capital development


  • Creation of the Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization.
  • Creation of the Digital Academy.


Creation of a national platform for open education.


  • Introduction of programming lessons in primary classes.
  • Updating the subject “Informatics” in schools.
  • Integration of ICT in the humanities at universities.