of the Digital Silk Way

The Digital Silk Way provides speed and secure
access to the Internet, as well as a good quality
of the mobile communication coverage
on the country’s territory.

What will change by 2022

  • Quality and continuous coverage of the Kazakhstani people with 4G cellular network.
  • Country-wide broad bandwidth access of private persons and companies to global data transfer networks
  • The level of ICT development will reach the level of TOP-30 countries
  • Innovative laboratories for Big Data, malicious code, and cyber incidents analysis will be created to reinforce cyber security

ICT infrastructure

Availability, stability, and security of data transfer is the technological
basis of the development of all branches of economy as well as
high quality of population’s life.

All this will be implemented with the help of the following
digital and infrastructural solutions.


Broadband access to the internet that will be provided mostly via fiber-optical communication lines.

4G network (5G)

The most up-to-date generation of cellular network allows transfer data at the speed higher than 100 Mbit/s. The 5G standard implementation is expected after 2020.


Kazakhstani communication satellite that will support mobile, satellite communication and television and radio broadcasting after 2023.

How the population will be provided with broadband Internet access,
quality cellular communication, and digital television and radio broadcasting


More than 100 thousand people from more than 55 rural settlements have BBA to the internet.


More than 1.2 million people from more than 55 rural settlements have BBA to the internet.


More than 800 thousand people from more than 741 rural settlements have BBA to the internet.


The commissioning of “KazSat-2R” space communication system.

Cyber security

Enhancement of cyber security will be implemented using
both technical means and the creation of safe behavior
in the net of citizens and companies.

It will happen thanks to the following digital solutions.

Big Data analysis

This analysis and processing of important information represented by huge arrays of data.

Malicious code analysis

This is the analysis of computer programs, most often viruses, that harm users and their software.

Information security standards

These are mandatory requirements or recommended standards of the safe usage of information systems.

What measures will be taken to provide cyber security in the country


  • Development and approval of national standards onn information security.
  • The equipment of an information security means research laboratory.


  • The creation of the National Information Security Coordination Center.
  • The equipment of a malicious code research laboratory.
  • The equipment of an information security testing laboratory.


The creation of a technological center for the Big Data analysis.