Five Trends of the Program

Digitization of all the spheres of Kazakhstan life and economy is the opportunity to occupy the frontline on the world scene, as well as to enhance the quality of the public life and to establish favorable conditions for entrepreneurial development.
In this regard a set of measures at five key directions has been elaborated by the program “Digital Kazakhstan”.

1. Digitization of economic branches

Digital economy is the utility of the on-line
possibilities and innovative digital technologie
both for the large enterprises and for small
and medium businesses.

2. Transition to the digital state

Digital state means open, transparent and convenient
opportunities for citizens and business, accessible
online and at any time.

3. Realization of the Digital Silk Way

The Digital Silk Way provides speed and secure access
to the Internet, as well as a good quality of the mobile
communication coverage on the country’s territory

4. Evolution of the human capital assets

Evolution of the new competence and digital literacy
of the population will become possible due
to the innovations in education

5. Innovative ecosystem formation

This ecosystem develops technology entrepreneurship
and innovations with the genuine links among business,
academic domain and state.